Our History

Sphera International was founded in Taipei, Taiwan by a sister and brother team in 2010; this enhanced business platform necessitated from over a decade of business growth incorporating custom product development, building development supply with the addition of Stone Paper distribution. Starting in early 2003, this growth was possible through continuous passion, progress, commitment and expansion into world markets. The Sphera International team prides itself on providing market changing concepts enhanced with ecological, social, cultural empathy and a dedicated drive for creation, which instills positive change in our world.

Our Company

Sphera International was established on four core fundamental beliefs, which have propelled solid business growth and expansion into world markets for Sphera International and our clients.

Our team holds passion for bringing innovation and value to various markets and industries, while understanding the customs, cultures and mindset of our clients. Sphera International is run by an experienced multi-lingual global management team bringing new concepts and products to the international stage through our manufacturing, R&D, engineering, design, consulting as well as logistical resources.

We consistently advance and expand through devising new market niches and ecologically focused options; allowing our clients to secure existing, custom and innovative products with an environmentally-conscious mindset. Our passionate drive to challenge the norm and create environmentally distinctive alternatives provides extraordinary value to our clients and end-users alike.

Through Sphera International's innovation, R&D, manufacturing, high quality products, brands and people, we continually achieve significant results which benefit our environment and all of us; in turn fostering a better and brighter tomorrow.