Executive Team

Joanna Yeh

Joanna Yeh is the President of Sphera International, which she co-founded with her brother and business partner in 2010. She is also Managing Partner of Tempus Development Solutions, Inc; a Dallas, TX-based company, which services building development clientele in the US. Joanna attended University of Michigan, Peking University and Georgetown University where she graduated with degrees in Chinese Language and Linguistics.

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Growing up in communist Poland and having acquired an education in the United States and China, Joanna gained a unique combination of technical knowledge and practical understanding of politics, culture and languages from three very different continents. Combining her unique background, education, cultural and linguistic knowledge, business acumen and creativity, Joanna successfully develops and directs international projects by employing/implementing cutting-edge initiatives.

In line with Joanna's personal linguistic passions, she is an active language consultant and international conference and presentation advisor at National Taiwan University Hospital in Taipei, Taiwan. Moreover, she is an advisor and a regular speaker at the National Taiwan University School of Medicine Medical Campus - Student Ambassadors Group.

Joanna's hobbies include reading, writing, public speaking, innovation, volunteering and international travel.
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Remi Basior
VP - Sales & Operations

Remi Basior is a Managing Partner of Sphera International which he founded with his sister and business partner in 2010. He is also the President of Tempus Development Solutions, Inc.; a Dallas, TX based company servicing building development clientele in the US. A graduate of Wayne State University Business School with a focus on International Marketing, Remi has always garnered passion and drive towards International Business.

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Remi is an innovative manager, business developer, proven strategist and consultant having amassed invaluable experience from Fortune 500 to mid-size companies and start-ups alike. Remi has successfully led a number of organizations through development, transition as well as complex growth stages throughout the US, Asia, Europe and South America; thus possessing unique insight into diverse global business practices and industries.

Along with being an avid hiker and aspiring mountaineer, he devotes time, resources and travel to help those in need residing in less fortunate geographical regions.

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Anny H.P. Ma
Creative Director

Anny Ma is the Creative Director of Sphera International and is the driving force behind the creation of innovative product ranges and their respective design direction. A native of Taiwan, Anny expressed great interest in art from an early age and was recognized with numerous awards. Graduating from Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, Anny earned a Mathematics and Engineering degree.

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Having worked as an Electrical Engineer in a major corporation, Anny was missing her artistic roots and decided to move back to Taiwan to enhance the creative direction of her family-owned art gallery and framing factory. Through this integral decision Anny's passions and talents as an artist flourished, while having a chance to interact with countless artists and designers in conceptualizing designs for numerous hotels, affluent residences, schools and restaurants. Anny's engineering background assimilated with her artistic talents have created a natural balance between art form and functionality in all of her designs and creations.

Anny upholds inherent passion for design and seamlessly fuses cultural differences of the East and West with focus on environmentally enhancing materials, with a departure from the ordinary. She loves animals and has helped many stray dogs find a loving home.

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Management Team

Miranda Lee
Stationery Director

Miranda Lee is the Stationery Director for Sphera International and oversees all stationery development and production processes. A native of Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Miranda always had an interest in literature, music, creative writing and has graduated with a major in Pharmacy. Following Miranda's studies, she worked as a sales representative for a furniture company, which ultimately led her to establishing her own furniture and international trading companies.

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With a transformation in views and professional path, Miranda became involved in Stationery development and production over 15 years ago. Her passion for resource professional development, product perfection, client satisfaction and commitment make her a core asset to the Sphera team. Outside of work, Miranda fulfills her passions through studying Gerontology and Senior Citizen Service Management curriculum at the local University; she extensively volunteers to help the elderly.
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Jack Zheng
Project Manager

Jack Zheng is the Project Manager for Sphera International and oversees ongoing and special projects encompassing building development and injection moulding products. Originally from Taichung, Taiwan Jack has pursued his interest in English Literature while attending Soochow University. Since his early school years, he has taken on successful leadership roles requiring a high level of coordination.

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Jack's extensive experience in overseeing all aspects of the product development life-cycle coupled with sound standard, engineering and quality assurance knowledge make him an essential part of the team. Jack has over a decade of experience with various metals, paints, plastics and injection moulding practices derived from mass manufactured products tailored for the US markets, and distributed through major corporate wholesale and retail chains.
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May Huang
Packaging Development Manager

May Huang is the Packaging Development Manager for Sphera International. May oversees all secondary paper packaging processes and staff along with managing key supply-chain relations. May has attended Chung Yuan University and Pittsburgh State University attaining graduate degrees in Chemical Engineering and International Business. May has cultivated her natural leadership and personal relationship prowess after setting a solid early business and technical foundation.

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May held pivotal managing and directing roles in a number of corporations prior to joining the Sphera International team. Her international product development experience coupled with managing savvy and remarkable supplier management expertise make her an indispensable addition to the Sphera team. With an eye on production efficiency, tracking processes, cost controls and procurement processes, our clients rest assured their projects are handled properly. In her free time, May devotes time to yoga instruction and meditation.
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