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Full source STONE PAPER solution provider, from raw-paper
distribution in strategic markets to global "finished-goods"
product manufacturing

BUILDING DEVELOPMENT product manufacturing in Taiwan
and China for Multi-Family and Hotel
building development projects

CUSTOM PRODUCT design, development and manufacturing
encompassing a wide product development capability
tailored for multiple industries

Internal R&D combining new methods, technologies and
materials with full design, engineering and
ecological directives

ECOLOGICALLY PURE Stone Paper product solutions including
stationery, packaging, bags, thermoforming, food
packaging and other applications

SPHERA INTERNATIONAL drives cutting-edge initiatives and
manufacturing benefitting our clients, end-users
and environment alike

GLOBAL offices & strategic PARTNERSHIPS focused on delivering
impeccable support, know-how, personal attention
and high quality products

Full source Stone Paper solution provider, meeting all
types of client requirements world-wide
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